Yearbook 2014: Clarity and Transparency

Always knowing exactly and reliably what‘s in it. That goes for portfolios, too. Especially when they are about maintaining and increasing assets over the long term. to the article

Yearbook 2014: Stock Exchanges ensure Fairness

Transparency and clearing contribute significantly to ensuring consumer protection on the capital market. to the article

Yearbook 2014: Guidelines do not Replace Responsibility

In the credit market, knowledge and routine are extremely unevenly distributed. The often poorly informed borrowers are faced with experienced bank advisors with a profound knowledge of their profession. For banks, this edge in terms of knowledge and experience creates a special responsibility. to the article

Yearbook 2014: Straight Talk and Clear Messages

We want informed and self-determined customers. The subject of money is often complicated enough as it is, which is why we speak in plain language and make complex subjects easy to understand. to the article

Think Asia, Think Hong Kong

Think Asia, Think Hong Kong: Think business opportunities. Prominent speakers from Hong Kong as well as local representatives from the business and finance sector will focus on the practical advantages for German businesses in doing business in or via Hong Kong. more

CFS Index stops upward trend

In the second quarter of 2014, German financial institutions and service providers were not able to capitalize on their positive outcomes from the beginning of the year. The CFS Index, which measures the prevailing market sentiment of the German financial sector on a quarterly basis, decreased by 2.7 points to 112.5 during the second quarter.

to the current CFS Index

Internationalisation of the Renminbi

The Yearbook 2014: Cui Bono?

Frankfurt Main Finance presents its Yearbook 2014, which deals with the topic of financial consumer protection. Government protection versus own responsibility are the discussion tags. The question of appropriate means and the right amount of financial consumer protection are content of the new yearbook.

E-Book about Mobile Banking

Knowledge@Wharton and Ernst & Young have published a free E-book titled "Mobile Banking - Financial Services meet the Electronic Wallet".

The E-book is available in various formats and in addition a web version is available.

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Financial Centre Model

Frankfurt is a recognized cooperation partner for growing financial centers around the world. Frankfurt Main Finance has developed a model of the financial center that shows the breadth and depth of Frankfurt’s range of services – and provides access to promising business partners.

more about the database and the model